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Stones Of Light

An Interview With David Freidel

We are unsettled by the notion that when Japan’s new emperor accedes to the throne, he goes into a small hut with four posts and communicates directly with his ancestors. We find this kind of behavior disturbing in civilized societies.

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I am a woman ruled by the moon — the dark side no less than the light. A lover of monochromatic landscapes and subtle gradations, I am haunted by the shadows at the edge of the dark. Yet I cannot verify that I’ve ever encountered a ghost.

The Danger Of Being Environmentally Correct

(Maybe There Is No Hundredth Monkey)

In an encounter with someone he identified only as a “California Green,” the writer Murray Bookchin asked the blunt question: “What do you think is the cause of the present ecological crisis?” The Green’s answer was emphatic: “Human beings. People are responsible for the ecological crisis. They overpopulate the earth, they pollute the planet, they devour its resources, they are greedy. That’s why corporations exist — to give people the things they want.”

The Map

The more people I talk to, the more I am alone. The closer my friends, the farther away I am. This loneliness is my only virtue, my identity. I have nothing in common with anyone. What I want to learn is not taught in school. The phone is ringing; I can’t answer it. It’s one of my friends, and I have nothing to say.

Why We Are All Addicted

For me it is impossible to talk about healing and recovery without reference to the very real crises that threaten human life and our planet at this moment. I believe it is deeply unethical as well, for wherever I look, I see clear signs of the imminent end of our way of life.



Zeke’s my friend. He loves his wife, his dog, his house, his car. He’d love his kids, too, if he had any. He drinks little, swears less, shakes hands with a strong grip, meditates, runs, lifts weights, and does forty laps in the pool every morning. He eats tofu, yogurt, sprouts; avoids red meat because it’s a killer, he says.

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Too Late

In 1948, my mother dressed the varsity football team at Drake University in pink-paper tutus and taught them enough ballet to enable them to win the university talent contest. Now, nearly fifty years later, she shows me a set of creased snapshots and says, still glowing, “Those were my boys.”

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“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.”

Carl Jung

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