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Gently Changing

An Interview On Cancer And Health With O. Carl Simonton

If we change too quickly, it creates anxiety. This is something that I did not appreciate until just a few years ago. It may be very unhealthy for a person to meditate on cancer in the way I just described, because the change may be too much, too fast. . . . You can take a person who is functioning pretty well, and with a little well-intentioned help leave them where they are not functioning worth a damn.

The Sun Interview

Fixing The World

An Interview With Schlomo Carlebach

The whole world is praying all the time. The animals and even the leaves on the trees are praying. The way to receive light from God is through praying. The only difference is that some people pray unconsciously, some pray consciously, and some pray superconsciously.

Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

A Father's Death

Excerpts From A Talk By O. Carl Simonton

My father did not become ill by accident. I had watched his health deteriorate over the last several years. Three years ago, in the summer of 1979, after having multiple illnesses, heart attacks, end-stage liver disease and encephalitis, and after not being expected to live, he was one of the most exciting medical case histories I had ever known.

Making The Muse Real

Poetry And Spirituality

How can you understand humankind if you lobotomize out the spiritual? In poetry, we thus get all the skimpy, stripped down poems that are today the dominant fad where the poets tell us about their disappointing love affairs.



“Could you come open the windows in my room?” she asked. She was pretty, thin, with light brown hair.

Tales Of Lord Shantih

One day the Lord Shantih threw a coin down a wishing well. He wished for another coin. Later, as he walked upon the road, he found a coin.

Sparrow In New York

Tales of the city

There was an angry sky above 42nd Street on Hiroshima Day as Marianne and I walked to the demonstration. The men who shine shoes on Eighth Avenue were just starting their day. “Good morning, I guess,” one of them said as we passed.

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Readers Write


Intuition. What is it? It defies definition. It’s one of those unmeasurable entities. Its existence is doubted by many yet the word is commonly used. Women are often said to be the keepers of it, yet it’s available to everyone. It’s the psychic within us all.

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

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