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The Depths Of A Clown

An Interview With Wavy Gravy

Think of all the insanity in the world as a big pressure cooker. Laughter is the little valve on top. If you don’t have that the pressure cooker is going to explode and you’re going to end up with beans on the ceiling.

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All Men Are Brothers

Selections From The Writings Of Gandhi

These excerpts are reprinted from All Men Are Brothers — Autobiographical Reflections by Ma…

Gandhi’s Way To Peace

In Gandhi’s view, the industrial mode of production was one of the most violent activities. He attacked the very basis of industrial society, industrialism. Very few western students of Gandhi talk about industrialism because it is too uncomfortable. We are living in a mass-production, mass-consumption society and we don’t see that this is a violent system of production where workers are sent to factories en masse. They are standing there at a conveyor belt, pushing buttons. Thousands of workers in industries and factories are working but not enjoying their work. They do not find self-fulfilment or creative human expression in work. That is the greatest violence that we are inflicting every day upon our people in society, they do work which they don’t enjoy. We are forced to work by circumstances, by the way we have organised our economics. If we don’t work, how do we buy food? How are we going to pay the telephone bill, electricity bill and other bills? So we are forced to find a job.


Do Not Pass Stop

The explorer and his faithful companion from a different cultural group left the main party at base camp and set out on the last lap to the North Pole. As they traveled steadily across the arctic wastes, the usually reserved explorer became more and more excited, expressing his feeling by shouting the hog calls of his youth. His lifelong North Pole goal was at last within reach.

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Three Wishes

When I was in high school, one of my teachers asked us to write about who we would like to be. I wanted to be a combination of Einstein and Santa Claus — Santa Claus because he could give everyone what they wanted and Einstein because he was the smartest person I had heard of and he could figure out how to give everyone what they wanted. I have been granted this wish in a way. I have had so many mental, spiritual, physical and emotional experiences that I seldom meet someone I cannot understand or to whom I cannot be helpful. This I now call my work.

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Give up revenge! I see any desire to “prove myself” as a sort of revenge, an angry rebuttal to someone else’s expectations. Only act out of joy.

Elizabeth Rose Campbell

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